Finding a tutor in Los Angeles can be very challenging, especially if you need help with multiple subjects. Here are some tips to follow when choosing the best tutor for the job. Many tutors are very knowledgeable, but that does not necessarily make them effective teachers! When finding a tutor one should look for effective communication skills, a positive personality, and creative teaching approach. Most students struggle with various concepts because they are either intimidated or are not properly motivated. Finding a tutor that can make you feel comfortable and can easily break down complicated subjects is the most important factor.

When I originally was looking for a tutor for my son, I came across a plethora of resumes filled with outstanding qualifications and credentials. However, many of the applicants failed to project "normal" social skills. You need to find a tutor that stimulates your interests as well as your intellect. After countless weeks of trying out various tutors in Los Angeles, I found a very knowledgeable young lady with a well-rounded social life. She had the experience to explain subjects in a manner that was easily understood by my son. He was entertained and motivated to learn. In the end, his scores improved almost by three letter grades. Bottom line- find someone that is personable!

After years of interviewing and hiring a handful of private tutors in the Los Angeles area, my busy work schedule restrained me from going on the consistent "wild goose chase" for the perfect match. A friend referred Tutor Me LA and I have stuck with them since. I am not saying that this tutoring company is necessarily right for you. What I am saying is, finding the right match is not an easy task and should not be taken lightly. Your child’s future depends on it.