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    Each one of our high-caliber MCAT tutors is handpicked through a rigorous interview process that guarantees every tutor is brilliant, personable, and can custom tailor their teaching approach to best fit the learning style of every student. It is no coincidence that our MCAT tutors have flourished at the top 1% of their academic careers from the most prestigious universities across the nation. At Tutor Me LA, we understand that having proper guidance and support is equally important to gaining the insight needed in order to prosper.

    Our tutoring sessions are scheduled in the luxury of your own home and are carefully calculated to facilitate optimal learning. An educational instructor works with you around the clock to create a personalized curriculum and match you with an expert tutor that can best enable your academic goals.

    MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)

    The MCAT decides the fate of pre-medical students and we know that studying for the exam can be a worrisome experience. Our specialists will teach our students biology and organic chemistry, psychology and physics, and all of the traps and tricks, so that you can conquer you fears and score your highest. Our tutors have mastered the Physical Science section, the Biological Sciences section, Verbal Reasoning section, and the Cognitive Skills section. Each tutoring session will be designed to meet your specific needs. We have all of the necessary preparatory material so that students will feel equipped to study effectively. Most importantly we will be using the ideal study tool—real MCATs. Our tutors will review both correct and missed questions with the students, explaining each clearly. We believe knowing the reason for a correct answer is as effective as knowing why a question was incorrect. All study programs will be laid out by your selected tutor on a calendar, as well as a day-to-day study schedule. We counsel students on the important, frequently overlooked details and issues in order to best manage their time, like when to use a calculator, prior-night planning, and what to do the morning of test day.

    The exam is scored on a 472-528 scale (128-132 for each section) and is administered on a computer.
    The Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems section is a 95-minute, 59 question section.
    The Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems is a 95-minute, 59 question section.
    The Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior section is 95-minute, 59 question section.
    The Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section is a 90-minute, 53 question section.
    Totaling 230 questions and 375 minutes (6 hours and 15 minutes) of examination time.

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    GMAT or MCAT_testimonials 1

    “All of my Tutor Me LA tutors have been fantastic, especially my test-preparation tutor!”

    Whitney B.

    Bel Air, CA


    Whitney B.

    Bel Air, CA

    “All of my Tutor Me LA tutors have been fantastic, especially my test-preparation tutor!”

    GMAT or MCAT_testimonials

    “Tutor Me LA was the best choice I made before taking my exam. I highly recommend their test-preparation tutors.”

    Marcus S.

    Westwood Village, CA


    Marcus S.

    Westwood Village, CA

    “Tutor Me LA was the best choice I made before taking my exam. I highly recommend their test-preparation tutors.”

    Get to know our MCAT tutors


    Adam H.

    Adam has specialized in both the ACT and SAT test-preparation for the last 7 years. He is a recent graduate from Stanford and has scored in the top 98th percentile for both exams. Adam’s extensive experience with standardized exams has perfected his teaching methods and makes him a test-prep expert. He is passionate about tutoring and determined to watch his students succeed.

    Danni Jiang.

    Danni is a graduate from UCLA and is an aspiring medical student. She has experience with K-12 students and college student in math and science subjects, and scored 98% on her MCAT bio section. She is committed to helping my students reach their academic goals.

    Cecilia E.

    Cecilia recently graduated from law school and received her Juris Doctor. She enjoys learning and loves to share her enthusiasm with her tutees. She is eager to help students with substantive material, and to help students develop sustainable study habits for the future!

    Hunter W

    Hunter is an experienced English tutor and graduate of Yale University. Born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida. His hobbies and interests include animals and movies!

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